Towards the end of my studies
I mostly hanged out with Ebbe
Mojca, me, Ebbe, sometimes Kief

Ebbe is warm, deep and thoughtful
and he really knows how to put art together
if the need may be
(of course, what the hell do I know)

Once he took an invisible dog for a walk
friends from film school followed him with hidden cams
the invisible animal managed to upset grandmas and their pet dogs
Babičky own the park in the daytime
so they called the police
patrol officers never learned
that hidden cams rolled all the time

An hour later
Ebbe took his invisible dog
for a stroll to the Charles bridge
the heart of Prague's Disneyland

the endless stream of tourists, ex pats, buskers, artisans, freaks
occasional pickpocket, drug dealer, fake currency exchange guy
in one word
place where contemporary capitalism
demonstrates its acceptance and altruism

no one even seemed to notice
that whatever was pulling that leash
was either invisible or nonexistent
all they wanted to do was to pat the missing dog on its head
and take selfies

Ebbe left Prague in nineteen ninety-eight
and so..
a good friend left
what can you do
life goes on

years passed
and then, one night
a phone rings
it was New Year's Eve
ten minutes after midnight

I don't remember his words exactly
but I know it was magical
I felt like I was made of gold and honey
I felt one with the oceans in the sky

In the middle of
breaking glasses, fireworks, singing, screaming, detonations
here I was
listening to his magical words
occasionally uttering a confused answer

And then
it struck me

He's taping it!
of course
it's a project

It's a great idea!
call a few dear friends
on the New Year's Eve
between ten minutes after and half past midnight
catch them totally unprepared
get the pure emotion

And he..
of course..
totally innocent

And me..
I guess I am an idiot
never same again