My name is Dean Ivandić, I am a former bookseller and a former artist is my way of trying to understand is a showcase of my work is where I sell prints of my drawings

my other names include
Ivan Bezdomni
Čiddnae Vina
Čidnnae Diva
Anna Ida Šššhr Braun
Anna Margot Sab Weldt
Mačvaj Šašvajot

20 years of independent bookselling
6 years of academy of visual arts
3 months of #školica
1 summer in greece
3 weeks of new york
12 years of praha

note on language
ever since nineteen-ninety-one on a kind of journey
using this language as something that belongs to everyone
as a street seller in Shanghai
or two young travelers
ponekad govorim i hrvatski
premda, ovako rečeno, to možda zvuči malo gordo
ovdje je to tek neki samo moj, osobni jezik
most of the content
is neither grammatically nor politically correct
read at your own risk

id [at] d11va [dot] net